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Signature by Sillage d’Orient

The power of scent lies in its unknowability. You can touch the finest brocade. You can gaze out over a Mediterranean seascape. You can taste a foie gras as it melts in your mouth. But the hit of a heady scent takes you by surprise.


For some, the power of a perfectly formed gem lies in its beguiling luster. Others are drawn in by a brilliant hue. However a stone speaks to you, it does so without words. It’s a sensation, a vibration, an energy that connects somewhere inside you. Like a soulmate, intuition binds you to the gem, and the gem to you. The Sillage d’Orient Signature Collection is a celebration of this unspoken connection. In each fragrance – as in that special gem – we find a piece of ourselves.

In the spotlight


An immaculate balance of sweetness & warmth. The Chinese have long believed that those who seek a flawless cut of jade will be magically blessed with wisdom and long life. Signature Jade bottles the mase magic of perfectly pure jade. Citrusy fresh notes present a strong sweetness, then give away to the warmth of amber, vanilla and musk. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and spiritual, like jade. 


The opal’s unique patterns inspire the human imagination. Look into an opal, and you will discover your creative powers. Like the shimmer of an opal, Signature Opal inspires as it fills your senses. Gentle notes of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang float above rich musk, tonka beans and dark cherry heliotrope blooms. Gentle florals, underpinned by richer depths.


Amber has always been treasured. Ancient Egyptians used amber for protection. Ancient Greeks believed amber to be the tears of a goddess. To Romans, amber was a precious currency. Signature Ambre begins with the noble warmth of musky ambergris, and ends with gentle notes of balsam and vanilla. The result is a scent as rich as its namesake.

The power of scent

The hit of a heady scent takes you by surprise. It slips into your purview, unannounced, uninvited, unexpected. It fills your senses as vividly as it fills your imagination. A beloved memory, a favorite place in time, a friend from far away. It leaps to mind, all at once. And then, as furtively as it came, the linger of a scent begins to fade. It drifts away, into the ether. Scent summons those emotions brimming just beneath the surface in all of us. We can’t explain the power of scent, but you can feel it when it strikes.

French creativity

The perfumes harness the legacy of the “French Renaissance Époque” and “La Belle Époque”, which were French eras rich in fashion, art and taste. The brand’s name draws its inspiration from the belief that every individual has their own fingerprint and signature. Presenting French creativity bottled in an oriental taste, Signature offers a unique collection that boasts finesse combined with modern, powerful scents.