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Philly & Phill

Born out of the burning sensation of passion, Philly & Phill creates magical scents that celebrate the most mysterious force of our universe: love.


Like a universe of magical encounters in life, the Philly & Phill fragrances are ‘Essences of Love’ that form a diary of a personal love story of the founders Tanja Bublitz and Stefan Cozma. Each fragrance represents a special place and moment of their encounter, its essence and inherent spell captured in a bottle. All are written and created as a tribute to love and its facets, olfactorily interpreting the magic of the moment.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of Philly & Phill in Luxembourg.

In the spotlight

Faith for Fantasy

Like a shimmering sparkle in the night sky, Faith for Fantasy invites you to dream and unfold on your skin in a unique way. Its delicious notes of caramel and praline melt into a heart of sandalwood and ambergris, promoting self-confidence, while the base of musk and sandalwood gives you strength to manifest your dreams!

Eve Goes Eden

Awakens forbidden longings and deep desires… like temptation and burning desire in a bottle. A bold base of patchouli and birch wood meets a seductive heart of violets and white leather, followed by a fruity firework of bergamot and cherry for a euphoric and sensual glow like never before.

Railway to the Rooftop

A fragrance for the night that evokes an explosion of excitement, curiosity, courage, and rising lust. With its notes of tangerine, saffron, rose, caramel, patchouli, and oud, it lets the spirits of love rise up to the roof terraces of the world, and reaches for the stars.

A love story to remember

They met in Munich in the 80s for the opening of a fashionable club. A few months of love and madness followed, before they broke up because of their too busy schedules. However, in the 90s they reunited, determined to live their passion together.

Magical encounters

A love story written with one fragrance at a time, symbolising moments of two soulmates. From the first mysterious encounter at a bar to the romantic, tingling date nights and the rush of love, adrenaline and desire…