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Parfums Caron

Parfums Caron is a French perfume house, established in 1904.  Throughout its history, Caron has introduced some of the most iconic fragrances in the world of haute parfumerie, including Tabac Blond, the first-ever leather fragrance, and Pour un Homme de Caron, the first perfume designed specifically for men. Known for its expertise and unique heritage, the House of Caron has now repositioned itself — stronger than ever, driven by a new duo: Ariane de Rothschild and in-house perfumer Jean Jacques. Together, they rekindle the pioneering spirit of the perfume house, and carry on its heritage.


Founded in 1904 by Félicie Wanpouille and Ernest Daltroff, partners in life and business, Parfums Caron boasts a rich history spanning over a century in the industry. The founder wasn’t the type to have humble dreams. He made Caron a legend by entertaining a certain extravagance.  Even today, the fragrances are no less than opulent, brimming with beautiful raw materials, always in excessive concentrations.

The house was built thanks to a fortunate combination of explosive encounters, audacity, opulence, generous luxury, and a deep love for the arts. The signature of the Parfums Caron arises from these explosive encounters. At the head of the house and in the heart of the bottles, Caron cultivated dualities to express their singularity.

Parfums Caron proudly presents La Collection Merveilleuse – an ensemble of 33 perfumes that seamlessly blend timeless scents from the past century with contemporary creations by in-house perfumer Jean Jacques.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of Parfums Caron in Germany.

In the spotlight

Musc Oli

Musc Oli tells the story of a meeting. The fusion of two personalities that are passionate about art and creation: Olivia de Rothschild and Jean Jacques. Both enamoured by musky notes, they blend their inspirations, their instincts and their creativity to design a perfume as a source of serenity, with a 100% molecular duality. The harmony of woods, musk, freshness and intensity unleashes an incredible sensation of serenity and comfort.

Rose Croquante

Jean Jacques has created a new sensory experience that is simultaneously tactile and olfactive. And so, against all the odds, the rose became “croquante”. An overdose of rose is underlined by the overflowing sensuality of jasmine sambac and lifted by the joie de vivre of bergamot and mandarin essences. Crisp notes of cucumber are combined with tangy peach to add a twist. A unique duality of rose and cucumber that gives rise to an original fragrance that is both radiant and clean.

Tabac Blanc

Tabac Blanc explores the more luminous facets of tobacco. Tabac Blanc is one of the first fragrances to incorporate maté as its cornerstone. Jean Jacques playfully finds the balance between the freshness of maté and the intensity of cocoa. An immersion in the luxurious landscapes of South America, Tabac Blanc is a fresh tobacco scent with a radiant freshness and enveloping comfort.

A new creative duo

Parfums Caron was born of an explosive encounter, from the chemistry between Ernest Daltroff and Félicie Wanpouille. Bold and unclassifiable, mysterious and revolutionary, their duo embodied a rejection of conformity in styles, a stance that became the signature of Caron fragrances.

Now, the iconic Caron has turned the page to a new chapter with a new duo at the helm: business women Ariane de Rothschild and in-house perfumer Jean Jacques. Between the two of them operates an unending creative dialogue, fed by journeys to the four corners of the globe, driven by a taste for beauty and a shared vision of generous, uncompromising luxury.

Moving towards virtuous perfumery

Caron is driven by the vision of generous luxury, which forgets neither planet nor people. From selecting ingredients for their fragrances all the way to decorating our shop windows, Caron consistently underscores its resolute commitment to eco-responsibility.

In-house perfumer Jean Jacques carefully selects the raw materials that go into his creations. These essences are produced by fair, sustainable growing networks that preserve natural resources and tangibly improve living conditions for local populations.