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Life is made of encounters. Perfume expresses this as a connection, with the outside world and our inner world. Majouri is a homage to shared experiences, expressing modern character, and international refinement. The mission: to create perfumes with a generous and welcoming character, to comfort its wearer.


Majouri is a French brand created by entrepreneur Hadi Masmoum – who is descended from perfume merchants in the ancient city of Damascus. His heritage and passion brought him to study perfumery in Grasse, the center of French Perfumery. He fell in love with the light that was common to the Mediterranean basin, which cultivated both de Rose de Grasse and the Damask Rose of his origins. These experiences were the inspiration behind the name Majouri, blending the two Arabic words ‘Maa’ (meaning water) and ‘Jouri’ (meaning Damask Rose).

La Parfumista is the official distributor of Majouri in the BENELUX & DACH region.

In the spotlight

Jour 11

Symbolising a spice market at daybreak, that seduces the senses one by one. Jour 11 is made by perfumer Cyril Roland and is as addictive as the discovery of new worlds. Vibrant with a fresh and spicy opening, a sensual heart of leathery violet, and a soft and sensual base of cashmeran wood and raspberry.

White Rose

Like a mesmerizing moment of perfect aesthetic, when the light caresses a bouquet of white petals. It magnifies hidden charms, exploring the subtle and rare side of the white rose. Pure and delicate, this fragrance captivates and seduces you with its musky notes, nuances of violets and lemon.

Blue Desert

Blue Desert is an ultimate journey about escaping towards new horizons. A moment in the desert with a daring blue sky, as the grazing rays of the rising sun greet you. A fresh start of bergamot and mandarin, before plunging into floral accord of iris and neroli, and sensual woody notes of sandalwood or guaiac.

Luxurious and prestigious

The perfumes are created using ingredients sourced from all over the world, captured in a gorgeous bottle with a signature back motif, created in collaboration with Pochet du Courval – France’s most prestigious craftsman of luxury perfume bottles (founded in the early 1600s).


With sustainability at heart, each bottle can be replenished at home with reduced-packaging perfume refills. This way, you not only respect the planet but you can also keep your favourite fragrance by your side!