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Unique platform for niche perfumes

La Colline

Nurture your confidence with Swiss made treatments that combine the purest, most precisely formulated ingredients with advanced research. Because your skin only deserves the best!


Mastery of a complex formula at its finest. La Colline has built an international reputation far beyond the country’s borders, with a catalogue of 11 high-performance and luxury lines. The treatments serve as true beauty concentrates, striking a complex balance between biotechnological active ingredients and highly effective plant extracts. The goal: to provide the most effective and safe formulas as possible. Each of the formulas is tested for effectiveness via clinical and use tests to ensure results and to proof legitimacy. The textures and fragrances are crafted carefully, to offer a unique holistic experience to the application of the products.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of La Colline in Germany.

In the spotlight

NativAge l'Huile

Get visibly firmer and smoother skin with this quintessential anti-ageing product, that combines efficiency and sensorialty in a unique treatment. Each drop contains 95% ingredients of natural origin, to perfectly nourish your skin to regain its original radiance, vitality and suppleness.

Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion

Daily pollution can take its toll on your skin, making it lose its radiance and age more quickly. The Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion helps fight these harmful effects with a anti-oxidizing and detoxifying treatment, while also moisturizing and refreshing the skin. This way, your skin is protected and looks fresher and more radiant.

Triple Metal Serum

Turn metal into confidence with this comprehensive face and eye serum for men. It is a light but immensely powerful serum with a high concentration of active ingredients, to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Everything you need to soothe and tone your skin, for a radiating and cooling effect.



Preserving Youthfulness

The secret to hydrated, protected and radiant skin? Each formula is built on an exclusive anti-aging complex: CMAGE. This ingredient is created by La Colline in 1997, and its performance has been improving ever since. Formulated with six carefully selected active ingredients, it activates the vital cellular functions to preserve the skin’s youthfulness.

Social Purpose

A dear cause of La Colline is to render skin grafts invisible in the future, so that the skin can restore its beauty as it was before the graft. With the University of Zurich as the partner of choice, they set up a research team and a laboratory to give life to their social mission: ‘to save people’s skin’. And so the ‘La Colline Skin Engineering Lab’ was born, encouraging invention and creative emulation within a network of researchers.