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Unique platform for niche perfumes

HFC Paris

Haute Fragrance Company Paris offers a collection of more than twenty scented prints representing a moment, a mood, a life fantasy. Assertive fragrances to design your own life.



HFC is an epicurean collective devoted to fashion and perfume. In couture, it all begins with a sketch, a movement. The design team has surrounded itself with the best talents to offer a unique experience where penciled lines meet olfactory creation.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of HFC Paris in the BENELUX & DACH region.

In the spotlight

Royal Power

Royal Power is your lucky charm for special events. Its attractive power and dynamic energy fascinate and instantly attract attention. The amazing combination of bright spices and young wood with its sweet fruity nuance creates a contrasting aroma, warm and refreshing at the same time.

Wear Love Everywhere

Wear it, and life will sparkle with new bright colors, filling you with absolute happiness. Berries notes, Magnolia and Violet immediately immerse you in sweet euphoria, covering everything around with a gentle pink veil. Rock Rose and sparkling Pink Peppercorn elevate you to the top of bliss.

Sword Dancer

The master’s move is an unparalleled dance. It captures and besots like fruit-infused rum extract in the composition. The fragrance opens with cool spices slicing through the air, with cardamom and juniper ringing out like a sharpened sword. The shiny weapon of a dancer fascinates his admirers.


Well-known Spanish fashion illustrator Arturo Elena illustrated the Original Collection, Megan Hess, a world-renowned fashion illustrator, illustrated the Magic Collection and Kim Xu, one of the most important emerging artists in China Illustrated the Asia Collection.


Vincent Ricord, creator of the Original Collection, Black Collection and Magic Collection, is from a perfumer family from Grasse. Benoit Bergia, creator of the Asia Collection, was also born into a generations-old family of perfumers. They have a true passion for perfume.