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Bohoboco Perfume

Bohoboco Perfume is a collection of unique unisex fragrances. The history of Bohoboco Perfume was born in the mind of the creator, Michał Gilbert Lach many years ago. He remembered the most details from his youth: the smell of incense burning in a nearby church or the aroma of Christmas Eve Dinner.


In 2012 Michał Gilbert Lach made his debut with the first bottle of perfume addressed to both women and men. The success of his fragrance has driven the creative need. The brand expanded into the fascinating world of fragrances, and since then, a line of multiple compositions has been created. Inspired by contrasting ingredients that act on emotions and sensations based on the use of contrasting scent notes.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of Bohoboco Perfume in the BENELUX region.

In the spotlight


The quintessence of life – the jazzy scent of black vinyl and the scent of enveloping musk combine to create a metaphor for beautiful and difficult moments, ups and downs that build us. The fragrance contains mesmerizing incense and enveloping balsamic notes that protect us and take us to special and exciting moments.


An invisible streak that brings the magical layers of emotion, fascination and devotion together. This composition reflects a journey within oneself – in order to find one’s true self and the path to a life of passion. The sweet and spicy scent is very seductive and lingers on in one’s memory for a long time.


The enveloping sweetness gives courage, introduces you to a world full of inspiration and self-awareness. Spicy notes of red wine open the door of extravagance and allow you to overcome all adversities. This addictive perfume will let you feel spiritual bliss from both sweet success and the bitter path that leads to it.

Michał Gilbert Lach

Michał Gilbert Lach, creative director, collects scents from important moments of his life and bottles them into a niche perfume collection. He creates a timeless style in simple forms to highlight natural beauty regardless of age, gender, orientation, skin color or faith.

A journey within

Each bottle of Bohoboco Perfume has a different story or inspiration, an amazing experience, and a great way to communicate with the world. Perfumes allow for a complete narrative of the whole self, for dialogue on a non-verbal level.