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Astrophil & Stella

Astrophil & Stella tells you about a cosmic love story between a mortal and a deity through fragrance. Their love binds earth and the heavens in an embrace made of perfume and enchantment.


Astrophil is a proud, determined and dreamy mortal. Stella an elusive, beautiful and lively deity. From their meeting comes the love that binds earth and the heavens in an embrace made of perfume and enchantment.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of Astrophil & Stella in the BENELUX & DACH region.

In the spotlight

The Iris Way

Only noble souls were allowed to see the ethereal iris of the heavenly bodies. Like magical eyes, they watched over the galaxies, and by scattering their luminous dust they created a silvery mixture that vibrated in the purest and most regal hearts, in an enchanting harmony whose secret was known only to the stars.


From Stella’s fertile luminosity comes a lightning bolt which, crossing the atmospheres, plunges into a lake into which Astrophil has just dived. He picked up the astral fragment that preserved her glow and the transparency of the waters in which
he admired her reflection. It was Stella’s heart, given to him as a sign of eternal love.

Into the Oud

Astrophil listened to the drops falling in the woods, canceling out the distance with the heavens hidden between the branches. Stella’s voice, star of his desire, whispered to him, delicate words through the rain, and, inspired by that enchantment, he etched them onto the wet barks to evoke her presence.

Handmade Luxury

The packaging is handmade by specialized craftsmen in Turin and the bottles are made of Venetian glass. The cap is made of a special metal compound that can be cast very finely and in detail due to the low melting point.

Created by master perfumers

Astrophil & Stella perfumes are created by the best perfumers. True master perfumers Luca Maffei, Chris Maurice, Cécile Zarokian and Bertrand Duchaufour make the fragrances truly unique.