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The Woods Collection

What secrets are hidden deep within the woods? Journey through thorny thickets, over wild roots and muddy banks, and you’ll discover where the forest conceals her treasures.


Wild scrub gives way to towering pine and oak. Sunlight filters through vaulted canopies above. Natural rhythms of the forest hum around you. Scents of sweet balsam, woody amber and rich vanilla pine fill your senses. In the calm of the forest, the rest of the world fades away. When the woods reveal her secrets, we listen. Prepare your senses for the journey. Let nature show you the way.

In the spotlight

Dark Forest

In the black of a dark forest, your senses heighten. Denied the power of vision, you are given the gift of scent. Strong bergamot and the spice of ginger emerge from the shadows. They greet you, drawing you further in to warmth of vanilla and the sweet honeyed spice of neroli flowers. Here, the enchanting scents of the night reveal themselves. Discover the secret of Dark Forest. 

Dancing Leaves

When spring finally arrives in the woods, newly sprouted leaves begin to dress naked trees in shades of light green. Birds wake up tot the newly warm sun. Smells of spring windflowers fill the air – delicate aromas of rose and white flowers, sandalwood and geranium. Bottom notes of patchouli signal the start of a new season. Spring is around the corner to bring Dancing Leaves.

Wild Roses

In the harshest conditions, the hardiest thrive. Chilly springs and long winters come and go, but wild roses endure. Their humble beauty and delicate scent belie the rose’s inner strength. Like its namesake, the unique blend of citrus and floral is delicate upfront over depths unseen. Whatever the hardships of the woods, you can overcome with the power of Wild Roses.

A journey

The essence of life is woven into the universe itself in the earth, the sun, and the stars circling us. Journey through thorny thickets, over wild roots and muddy banks, and you’ll discover where the forest conceals her treasures.

When the sun goes down

When the sun delegates its duties to the moon at their daily rendezvous, a thrilling transition from a luminous vivid aura into a warm dimmer ambiance takes over the woods holding its breath in momentary peace.