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Parfums d’Elmar

Parfums d’Elmar is not just a perfume, it is an enigmatic experience of elegance and pure luxury.


Parfums d’Elmar is a luxury perfume company, where the finest, rarest and most costly perfumery ingredients are used for these creations at a 35% concentration. The iconic logo represents the family crest of the family Métry.

In the spotlight

Sweet Temptation

A very warm, sweet, rich and soft scent. Ginger fresh adds its brightness to a bouquet of Jasmine which is further sweetened by a gorgeous blend of Orange oil, Tolu balm and Cinnamon, warmed by Cedarwood, Oud Woods, Tonka bean, Saffron and Fir balsam – sublimated by a soft, sensual base of Benzoin, Vanilla, Styrax – the whole counterpointed by a medley of Citrus Notes.

Dark Desire

The splendid intro of fruity notes of Orange flower, Carrot oil and Mandarin is enlivened by Cardamom, Cinnamon oil, Cumin oil and Violet wood  to create a fresh foil for the note of cool Rose at the heart of this creation- the whole underscored by the warmth of Cedar, Aoud Woods, Santal Woods and Patchouli- where a soft base of Tonka bean, Amber and Frankincense is nestling on Castoreum and Civet. 

Elixir d’Amour

Bergamot and Green figue leafs counterpoint a bouquet of Lily of the valley, water jasmine and Rose in the heart of this creation, with a touch of fruity Raspberry, underscored by a central theme of warmth from a blend of Ciste, Aoud Woods, Amyris oil, Pink pepper, Saffron and Patchouli, softened by a base of Amber, Vanilla and sweet notes of burn caramel – the whole made sensual by Musk and Amber. 

The perfumer

Considered to be one of the most inspiring perfumers in the fragrance world of today, German-English Mark Buxton’s creative world is based in Paris. Concentrated passion combined with precision characterizes his strengths. Mark’s style: Mystic creations, subversive, provocative, enthused with urban jungle.

Luxury packaging

Considerable craftsmanship is required to make and hand finish each stylistic “Parfums d’Elmar” flacon. Each gold detail as well as each Zamac-stopper has a highly reflective finish onto which the brand name is engraved. The precious glass is carefully wrapped with genuine leather (in crocodile-, snake-, and latex-print real leather). Over 360 Swarovski crystals each set by hand in a process that takes several days to finish, complete and crown the cap.