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Unique platform for niche perfumes

Maison Rebatchi

A free rein collection around emblematic raw materials, born from the passion of its founder for the world of confidential perfumery and inspired by the encounter with some of the greatest perfumers of his time.


Maison Rebatchi is a perfume house born in a very atypical way: it is above all a human story between a young French-Algerian man and some of the biggest names of French perfumery who decided to join him in his dream. The brand has a fresh take on the independent perfumery market, which is young, accessible and at the same time high quality.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of Maison Rebatchi in the BENELUX region.

In the spotlight

Musc Panache

An intimate musk that boasts a sensual signature. Concealed under the contours of a spicy cologne, a delicate heart of iris reveals itself. Not to forget, a delicious base of vanilla and tonka bean, blended with vetiver and cedarwood.

Rose Rebatchi

Rose Rebatchi is a delicate perfume around rose and musk, one of the symbols of Maison Rebatchi. It is a mix of fresh and oriental scents, where tenderness and satisfaction are blended to create a unique and pure fragrance.

Ambre Blanc

Resolutely modern, ethereal and structured, Ambre Blanc impresses with the clear and bright joy it spreads. A fragrance determined to free itself from olfactory prejudice, where beneath pure white writing we witness the glowing embers of epic amber.

A bridge between two cultures

The different elements form a graphic language that tells us the highlights of the fragrance. Its rough and sophisticated décor symbolises the bridge between a rural and desert Algeria and an urban and sophisticated Paris. The position of graphic elements symbolises the influences and encounters that form Maison Rebatchi’s identity.

Timeless and multicultural design

The classic French flacons of Maison Rebatchi are timeless, made from ultra-quality glass that is decorated with the unique Arabic Moucharabieh pattern, conveying a story of multiculturalism. The colours are bright and reflect the light beautifully, while the embossed petals give the flacon that delicate and symbolic finish.