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Laurent Mazzone

Born to an Italian family, Laurent Mazzone showed interest in the mysterious world of perfumery at the age of 12. A tireless quest for new fragrances merged with the fashion world when Laurent Mazzone, then a DJ, began dividing his time between music, fashion shows and style workshops.


LM Parfums is a timeless tale. Instead of searching for the easy and the new at all costs, Laurent Mazzone takes the time to innovate, venturing off the beaten path. Each fragrance tells a story, drawing on the designer’s inspirations to reveal itself. The perfumes are dressed in luxurious cases, with the occasional hand-carved details.

In the spotlight

Pure Sensual Orchid

With creamy notes of a fresh vanilla pod. Like soft skin that you want to bite. It reveals its curves with generosity. Full and thin, where the curves of almond and heliotrope meet the finesse of peony and white cedar. Saffron and star anise disturb the sweetness of Sensual Orchid with a hot kiss.

Black Oud

A journey to the far reaches of the Orient, charged with the dark tonalities of oud wood. With top notes of nutmeg and cumin, this precious wood from foreign lands is garbed in the warmth of amber and the mystical volutes of frankincense. Base notes emanate with the sensuality of musk and civet.


A hint of bergamot and cardamom sweep you away, like the wind, a fleshy, velvety rose with heart notes that tap into the gourmand nuances of coffee and cocoa, intoxicated by hint of whisky, over base notes of patchouli. An indelible spell. A rose red as desire, black as magic. A bewitching fragrance.

The bottle

The unique shape and structural lines of the LM Parfums bottles are a tribute to New York City architecture. This design, created entirely by Laurent Mazzone himself, was inspired by a trip to New York, where he was struck by the splendor of the buildings on a starry night.

Behind the scents

Exploring molecules from across the scent spectrum, LM Parfums focuses on oriental notes, rich in color, sketching opulent and sophisticated scents, charged with undeniable sensuality. A creativity that feeds on the world of fashion and music, driven by the richness of the formulas and the intensity of the concentrations.