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Electimuss London

Electimuss means “to choose the best” in Latin and that ethos is at the heart of their brand. Exquisite oils and resins in Electimuss fragrances are rare and precious and blended with meticulous attention paid to every note and detail.


Electimuss London is inspired by Ancient Rome and the Romans’ obsession for perfume along with the epic stories that echo through their empire and mythology. Scent was woven into the rich tapestry of everyday life. Fountains were scented with rose water and perfume was part of cleansing rituals, celebration, feasts, seduction and worship. Through the mists of time, Roman legends whisper of epicurean pleasures and extravagance, of ambition and seduction. These colorful tales and rituals provide the inspiration for all of their fragrances.

La Parfumista is the official distributor of Electimuss in the BENELUX region.

In the spotlight


This luxurious amber oriental perfume is sensuous, soft and delightful with a resinous base. The sparkling and piquant top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and cardamom are a fleeting pleasure, before the sensuous powdery floral and ambergris heart envelops you. The oriental base of caramel, tonka, vanilla and the spicy smoky oud and cedar finally reveal a darker promiscuity. This scent exudes luxury, seduction and charm.


Explore the Silk Road with this fruity aromatic floriental. Inhale sweet vistas of citrus groves, traverse fields of lavender and sage, tiptoe through a cedar wood, and melt into some sugar and spice. Lemon groves and sweet geranium laced with star anise and cloves mingle with a slightly darker base of patchouli, ambergris, cedar and a soft leather. This exquisite fragrance is olfactory sunshine, versatile, comforting, uplifting and oh so charming.


The best Agarwood resin, as cited throughout ancient religious scriptures, is extracted from the Aquilaria tree. Its rich cognac notes form the base of this exquisite fragrance. Amber Aquilaria opens with a bright, sparking bergamot that melts into a heart of roses – rich, velvet petals that mesmerise before falling into an opulent pillow of warm amber, sandalwood, Bourbon, vanilla and Aquilaria Oud.

Luxury packaging

Electimuss takes special care of their presentation. Electimuss perfumes are presented in beautifully crafted bottles with heavy carved glass and metal carved caps and capes which echo Roman architecture and symbolism. Their atomizers are carefully designed to deliver just the right amount of perfume with every spray.

The best quality

Electimuss works with some of the world’s most talented perfumers. Their collection boasts fragrances by Julien Rasquinet, Christian Provenzano, John Stephens, Marco Genovese and Sofia Bardelli. They love to create intense and indulgent fragrances with potent combinations which make for powerful long-lasting perfumes with unbeatable projection and longevity.